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7 days full-board

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Kite trips in Egypt

We offer kite trips to the Egyptian islands of the Red Sea on yachts of different classes. All crews are personally checked by us and are professionals. Lifeguards, sailors and instructors are experienced and work as a family to make you happy.

Luxury Motor Yachts from Kite Trip

  • Egypt's Red Sea, with its azure waters and consistent winds, is a paradise for kitesurfing enthusiasts. Amidst this backdrop, the boat Lira emerges as a beacon of excellence, offering not just a vessel but an immersive kitesurfing experience. Let's delve into the pros and the remarkable team that elevate Lira

  • As the sun sets over the horizon, casting a warm glow on the tranquil waters, a new level of luxury and adventure unfolds aboard the HAMMERHEAD boat. Renowned for its sleek design and top-notch facilities, the HAMMERHEAD boat is not just a vessel; it's an epitome of opulence on the

  • In the realm of luxury maritime experiences, Egypt Boat Neo emerges as a beacon of elegance and unparalleled service. This article delves into the distinctive features and the exceptional team behind the scenes, showcasing why Neo is a standout choice for those seeking an opulent and memorable voyage on the

  • Nestled in the azure waters of Egypt, the Dolchevita boat stands as a beacon of nautical elegance, offering a luxurious sailing experience amidst breathtaking landscapes. This article unveils the pros that make Dolchevita a sought-after choice and delves into the exceptional team steering this maritime haven. Pros of Dolchevita: Elegance Afloat: Dolchevita

Kitesurfing for Beginners

Best way to start kiteboarding - visit Kite Trip. 7 days wind with pro IKO instructors

Kite Trip for Pro Kite Riders

More than 25 knots every day - first mega loop steps, air passes and progression kite tricks

For begginers

Perfect for those who want to learn from zero.

For Intermediate kitesurfers

Perfect for those who want to finish their studies.

Independent riders

Perfect for those who want to enjoy kiteboarding

Pro level kitesurfing

For those who jump and fool around


Over 13 years experience

We have been organising kite trips and teaching kitesurfing since 2009

Our team started with Alex and Christina. Alex has been in kitesurfing for more than 13 years. He is a professional coach and athlete. Hristina has many talents: IKO level 3 instructor, photographer, fun manager. We have a lot of experience in kite trips!
Click on the button and we will contact you ASAP.

Slide Abu MINGAR Gisum tawila Ashrafi Egypt Islands
kite spots
There are many islands and reefs and beautiful places in the Egyptian Red Sea. For a kite trip on a motor yacht only a few islands are ideal, such as: 0 Hurghada


"It was the best vacation in our lives. Everything was perfect and the Boat and the Team and the wind..."

Switzerland, Montreux Arina

"We had an unforgettable experience skating from sunrise to sunset on the Paradise Islands. I didn't think it was possible to have so much fun in just one day."

Austria, Viena Harry

"It was an exciting trip on a floating hotel with a super team. Thanks to Alex and Christina for this"

Miami, Florida Danny

Other activities

Kitesurfing trip on a motor yacht in Egypt is more than just kiting. You won't get bored during this camp.
Yoga, massage and spa photo

Yoga, massage and spa

Massage, yoga and jacuzzi on our kite safaris

Snorkelling, diving and swimming with the dolphins photo

Diving & Snorkelling

Snorkelling, diving and swimming with the dolphins

Wakeboarding kite trip in egypt photo

Wakeboarding & watter toys

We have two motor boats, 100hp each. We use them for wakeboarding and water toys as well as island landings and rescues.

parties photo

Great parties

Awesome parties on the islands and on the yachts, themed parties with the coolest DJs

March 9 - 16 Anemon 1400€ boat + 300€ lessons + 200€ fee
March 16 - 23 Anemon 1400€ boat + 300€ lessons + 200€ fee
March 23 - 30 Anemon 1400€ boat + 300€ lessons + 200€ fee
March 30 - April 6 Laira 1400€ boat + 300€ lessons + 200€ fee
April 6 - 13 Anemon 1400€ boat + 300€ lessons + 200€ fee
April 13 - 20 Laira 1400€ boat + 300€ lessons + 200€ fee
April 20 - 27 Laira 1400€ boat + 300€ lessons + 200€ fee
April 27 - May 4 Laira 1400€ boat + 300€ lessons + 200€ fee
May 4 - 11 Legacy 1400€ boat + 300€ lessons + 200€ fee
May 4 - 11 Laira 1400€ boat + 300€ lessons + 200€ fee
May 4 - 11 Neo 1400€ boat + 300€ lessons + 200€ fee
May 11 - 18 Anemon 1400€ boat + 300€ lessons + 200€ fee
May 18 - 25 Anemon 1400€ boat + 300€ lessons + 200€ fee
May 25 - June 1 Anemon 1400€ boat + 300€ lessons + 200€ fee
June 1 - 8 Anemon 1400€ boat + 300€ lessons + 200€ fee
June 8 - 15 Anemon 1400€ boat + 300€ lessons + 200€ fee
June 15 - 22 Anemon 1400€ boat + 300€ lessons + 200€ fee
June 22 - 29 Anemon 1400€ boat + 300€ lessons + 200€ fee
August 3 - 10 Anemon 1400€ boat + 300€ lessons + 200€ fee
August 10 - 17 Anemon 1400€ boat + 300€ lessons + 200€ fee
August 17 - 24 Anemon/Laira 1400€ boat + 300€ lessons + 200€ fee
August 24 - 31 Neo 1400€ boat + 300€ lessons + 200€ fee
August 31 - Sept 7 Legacy 1400€ boat + 300€ lessons + 200€ fee
September 7 - 14 Laira 1400€ boat + 300€ lessons + 200€ fee
September 14 - 21 Laira 1400€ boat + 300€ lessons + 200€ fee
September 21 - 28 Laira 1400€ boat + 300€ lessons + 200€ fee
September 28 - October 5 Anemon/Laira 1400€ boat + 300€ lessons + 200€ fee
October 5 - 12 Anemon/Laira 1400€ boat + 300€ lessons + 200€ fee
October 12 - 19 Anemon/Laira 1400€ boat + 300€ lessons + 200€ fee
October 19 - 26 Legacy 1400€ boat + 300€ lessons + 200€ fee
October 26 - November 2 Majestic 1400€ boat + 300€ lessons + 200€ fee
kite trip students
pro kiteboarding lessons

Luxury Kite Trip in Egypt 2024

Kitesurfing camp or Kite Trip on a luxury yacht is a one-of-a-kind kiteboarding journey across the Egyptian Red Sea islands stretched from Hurghada to El Gouna. The uniqueness of this experience is that your private lessons will take place between deserted islands with shallow lagoons, deservedly regarded as the world’s top kite spots.These islands and reefs prevent huge waves from forming, making kiteboarding lessons much more comfortable than in any other part of the world. The yacht’s vast size and low center of gravity also contribute to an unforgettable camp experience.

Kite Trip Prices and Overall Information

Another thing that sets our kiteboarding camp apart is the price-quality ratio.A spot on the first-class yacht with fruits, meals, and beverage s starts from 1,500 EUR a week, and the level of service is on par with the world’s most lavish hotels. Unlike camps, which charge 1,000 EUR per yacht spot with kite lessons included, these yachts provide a much higher standard. 500 EUR is a considerable difference, you may say. However, by dividing this amount by seven days, you get a total of only 70 EUR per day. For such a small additional fee, you will receive first-rate service, personalized kiteboarding lessons from highly qualified specialists, tasty food made by a chef, comfortable accommodations, a jacuzzi, hot water showers, and numerous other benefits that will ensure a relaxing holiday.

Our kitesurf camp Egypt on a premium-level yacht offers honest, high-quality private lessons based on a tried-and-true program. If you select training in small groups, but we are unable to form a group for whatever reason, we’ll still provide you with lessons at the group rate. Please note that we limit the number of surfers to four per single instructor throughout the camp for you to get the most out of your kiteboarding lessons.

The yachts where our kite camp Egypt is hosted are massive vessels with a capacity of 28-30 guests and 12-15 crew members. Their estimated measurements range from 10 meters in width to 42 meters in length. Furthermore, all of the vessels of our kitesurf school include 3 to 5 chill-out zones in addition to open decks and air-conditioned areas. These vessels have jacuzzis and saunas too. All cabins are spacious, feature individual bathrooms and refrigerators, and can accommodate two persons max. Don’t worry if you’re attending our kitesurfing camp alone. We can find you a cabinmate, or you can book the cabin for yourself.

Kite Trip and Kitesurf Safari — that’s what we do!

Kitetrip is also known as kitesurf safari Egypt since you are in search of the finest kitesurfing conditions. Such a safari will suit both a novice and an experienced kiteboarder. It is also an excellent choice for families with children and single travelers. Our one-of-a-kind kitesurfing camp has a variety of activities to keep everyone entertained, so even your child will not be bored.

On Saturday, the first day of your kitetrip, one of our team members will meet you at the airport or the hotel and take you directly to the vessel where the kitesurf camp Egypt will take place. Typical yacht boarding time is from 4 p.m. on Saturday to 5 a.m. on Sunday, as the vessel departs from the marina between 5:00 and 10:00 a.m. on Sunday. That’s when your kitesurfing holiday begins!

On Sunday, we head straight to one of our first and most popular kitesurfing destinations. Following a tasty breakfast cooked by a chef, our certified instructors carry out a briefing. They share important information about the locations where your learning will take place and explain how our kitesurf school organizes rescues. Also, they will provide some safety instructions and protocols that need to be followed while on the yacht. Once the introductory part is over, we assign instructors to every surfer and rush directly to the island, where you find all of the necessary kiteboarding gear, including your trainer kite, beverages, and other essentials.

The kiting lessons are conducted in a calm setting under the supervision of dedicated instructors and organizers, who keep a close eye on each surfer and are ready to lend a hand when needed. Meanwhile, a professional photographer documents your kitesurfing holidays.

At our kitesurfing camp, participants are divided into groups of four surfers per instructor and 2 kites. Typically, the instructor begins kite lessons with the first group and then proceeds to the next one, alternating between the assigned groups during the entire kite camp. As soon as participants have learned to control their kites safely, two groups can learn to kitesurf at the same time while the instructor assigns individual tasks to every surfer.

After a delicious lunch, camp attendees are given an hour or hour-and-a-half break. Next, we return to the kitesurfing spot, where you continue to learn to kitesurf. Sandwiches, fruits, and pastries are available on the island between lunchtime and dinner. Also, you can receive a relaxing massage from a professional massage therapist during breaks between your surf lessons.

At sunset, when surf lessons are over, we return to the yacht. It will be our floating hotel for the rest of the kitetrip. You will be able to take a hot shower and eat a delicious dinner while your instructor reviews images and videos from the current and previous kite camp days, points out mistakes, and offers ways to improve. After that, you can unwind in the chill-out zones or take part in a tier-off kitesurfing school party. This is how the best kitesurfing camps spend every windy day.

You might ask, «What if there is no wind on a certain day of the kitesurf camp Egypt?» That’s not a big deal! The Red Sea’s wind statistics are normally excellent, and the islands frequently experience stronger winds than the mainland. In case there is no wind on a certain day of the kitesurf camp, the yacht will head over to Gubal Islands, where you will sunbathe, swim, enjoy wakeboarding and banana boating, and go scuba diving or snorkeling. In the evening, you will be offered to attend a party worthy of the best kitesurfing camps while a chef will prepare a delicious barbecue.

Egypt Islands Kitesurf Trip Route

There are countless islands between Hurghada and El Gouna. However, not all of them are ideal kitesurfing destinations. Only the best kitesurfing camps like ours know what kite spots have clear, flat water and sandy bottoms suitable for a perfect kite safari.

One of the top kitesurfing destinations of our kitesurfing school is a spectacular Abu Mungar Island. It is a natural paradise with a large offshore lagoon and turquoise water. Abu Mungar is visible from Hurghada and is situated not far from the Hurghada Marina. When we have beginners on our kitesurf camps, we head over to Abu Mungar. The reason is simple: the winds on this island are not as severe as on the mainland.

The other kite spots favored by our kitesurfing school are located 3 to 4 hours north of the Hurghada Marina. Tavilla is the first stop along the way. This island used to be a beautiful place that held thousands of superb kite camps until a kite station was built there. Sadly, it was never operational, and the station’s construction greatly disrupted the wind by casting a wind shadow. All that made takeoff and landing in front of the station less convenient. Plus, additional payments for each person and from the boat are now required for admission to Tavilla.

Nonetheless, the situation with Tavilla is not as desperate as it may seem at first glance. The kite station takes up barely 200 meters of the shoreline, and the rest of the island remains as gorgeous as before. Despite the fee, there is generally a lot of free space around Tavilla Island, and kitesurf safari at this spot is still incredibly comfortable, making it one of the top kite safari destinations of the best kitesurfing camps, including those organized by our team. This island offers all that’s needed for an unforgettable kite trip Egypt: shallow water, ample wind, and few coral reefs.

The other kite spots where we usually hold our kite camps include the following:

  • Ashrafi Island

The northernmost kite trip spot on our list is Ashrafi. The lagoon that separates the two islands creates strong winds. However, the wind speed does not exceed 35 knots, making it a perfect kitesurf safari destination for both beginners and professionals. This island is also famous for its large shallow lagoon and fantastic spots for freestyle and foiling.

  • Geysum Island

The Geysum Island boasts three kitesurf spots, each with its distinct features.

  • West Geysum. This spot is known for its shallow water and is rightfully considered one of the best spots for kitesurfing holidays among beginners.
  • East Geysum. This spot is ideal for freestyle and jumps due to its flat water lagoon.
  • North Geysum. This tiny spot for one vessel is excellent for kitesurfing trips that suit both novices and professionals.

The best part? Our new camp will start in just a few weeks! Imagine waking up to the sound of waves and heading out to sea with a kite. Feel the warm salty sea spray on your lips and the fullness of life. After a day of unforgettable experiences, you spend the evening communicating with like-minded people in a comfortable setting. And just like that, every single day for a whole week of your kite trip. A dream come true, isn’t it?

All of this is available without the need to make difficult decisions or draw up complicated routes. Send us a request right now, and get ready for the kitesurfing holidays of a lifetime!


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